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My passion for languages
The blog project

I have always been very curious about cultures different from my own and have always been fascinated by foreign languages.

I remember that when I was in secondary school I really enjoyed talking with my foreign friends, inviting them to Italy or visiting them for a language exchange. To me being able to have a conversation in a foreign language with a real person was marvellous. Having two people who speak different languages understand each other was simply magical and I soon realised that this is what I wanted to do when I grow up.

With so much dedication, constant and unconditional effort, many years living abroad and many others dedicated to studying and improving my skills, I have finally created my career through langauges.

The blog project

A s a translator and interpreter, I have worked with companies operating in many different sectors and I realised that, often, those who hire a translator or an interpreter are not always familiar with the different ways in which we provide our services. There are often many questions and doubts about the profession of interpreter and translator.

During these years spent teaching foreign languages, in particular English, I have met students of different ages, education and backgrounds. This helped me to understand the main difficulties which students experience when learning a foreign language.

This blog was thus created to shed light on the profession of the interpreter and translator, helping companies to understand how they can get the best out of our services whilst increasing awareness of the importance of having a professional interpreter and translator in the business sector. My intention is also to share my experience as a foreign language teacher. I want to help those who study a foreign language to answer some of their questions and understand how they can improve foreign language learning in terms of memorising a larger number of words, improving pronunciation and becoming more fluent.
Languages are becoming more important in our daily life. I hope that the articles in this blog will allow you to learn something new, providing food for thought and generating interest in this sector.

These blog posts are laos available also in French and Italian. Click on the flag on the top right to change the language.