Here below we outline the sectors in which we have acquired greater specialisation over the years thanks to our academic preparation and the interpreting and translation assignments we have carried out over time, thus developing a more in-depth knowledge of the relevant sector in terms of content and terminology:

Healthcare and medical sector

(medical records, clinical documentation, medical scientific articles... occupational safety and health as well as prevention of biological risks, such as COVID)

Papermaking sector

(handmade paper and watermark history and manufacturing techniques)

Cultural Heritage and UNESCO documents

(applications for the registration into the UNESCO World Heritage List and Intangible Cultural Heritage List, applications for the organisation of UNESCO events, monitoring reports, working documents...)

Business, advertising and marketing sector

(business meetings and negotiations, corporate advertising campaigns, handbooks, websites…)

Legal field

(corporate, administrative and accounting documents, notary deeds, proceedings, application dossiers, contracts, confidentiality and privacy policies/GDPR, written declarations, diplomas, certificates…)

Economic and financial sector

(business documents, company financial statements, financial reports…)

Industry and production

Technology, IT and robotics

Environment, ecology, pollution, transports, renewable energy

Human resources

(CV, personnel selection, aptitude tests…)


(hospitality, cruises…)

Gastronomy and oenology

Automotive and motor sports

(including creation and installation of kart tracks)

Watch making and jewellery

Music boxes and automatons

Cosmetics, beauty and personal care

Fashion, dressmaking, accessories and leather goods