• French is the language of diplomacy. Today people decide to study French for professional reasons because the French language is still widely used in the workplace, only preceded by English, or simply for passion, because both the French language and its culture have always been very attractive for language learners. For this reason, the demand to learn or improve the knowledge of French is constantly growing. For several years now, to meet this demand, we have been organising French courses that are intended to be a privileged opportunity to learn the language with a native Italian teacher who speaks perfect English and French and has over fifteen years of experience.
  • Each class will focus on oral production and oral and written comprehension of the French language. Guided conversation exercises on a chosen topic will be provided, as well as numerous listening exercises to broaden vocabulary and improve pronunciation and confidence in oral expression.
  • The course will focus on these three main aspects:
    • Comprehension and production: understanding written texts and audio documents, communicating both orally and in writing using specific terminology related to everyday life and the professional environment, participating in a conversation by expressing opinions on a particular topic.
    • Vocabulary:learning new words, expressions, and idioms related to the professional field and to specific topics being discussed during the course, also at the participants' request.
    • Grammar and syntax: consolidating and expanding the knowledge of grammatical and syntactical structures which are essential to communicate in French in different contexts and using different degrees of formality in each communicative situation.
  • The groups will have a very limited number of participants to give everyone the opportunity to be followed individually by the teacher who can also recommend additional exercises to improve a specific linguistic aspect that has presented greater difficulties.
  • For groups of intermediate and advanced level, at the teacher's discretion and on specific request of the participants, grammar and syntactic rules will be explained or revised with the aim of consolidating the existing knowledge of the language and learning new rules. For groups of basic level, intended for those who have never studied French or with limited pre-existing knowledge, the course will focus, first of all, on the grammatical and syntactic structures of the language while placing particular emphasis on oral expression to allow students to express themselves, right from the beginning, in French.
  • When the level of the group is high enough, especially for intermediate and advanced groups, lessons will be taught entirely in French, so that participants can practice understanding throughout the lesson and be encouraged to think and express themselves in French.


  • The course consists of a cycle of 30 lessons that will take place weekly or possibly twice a week if requested by the participants of the same group.
  • Each lesson will last 60 minutes.
  • Lessons can take place on-site at our offices in Fabriano (Italy) or online (Skype, Hangouts), depending on the group’s preference.
  • The lessons will be organized in small groups (from 3 to 6 participants).
  • The mini-groups will be formed according to the level of knowledge of the French language of the participants.
  • The day and time of the course will be fixed according to the participants' needs.
  • In case of absence, the lesson material will be made available to the student and the lesson can be made up by participating in the class of another group.
  • All course material, including audio, will be provided at no extra cost, with the exception of any grammar or reading books that may be recommended by the teacher.
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course.