• The aim of this mini-cycle of lessons is to improve communication skills in the chosen foreign language (English, French, German, Italian).
  • Each lesson will be centred on a specific topic so that participants can better focus and prepare for the class.
  • The course will focus on these three two aspects:
    • Oral production: communicate orally using specific terminology relating to topics of everyday life, take an active part in a conversation by expressing their opinion on a given topic.
    • Vocabulary: learning new words, expressions, and idioms related to the topics that will be covered.
  • The groups will have a very limited number of participants to give everyone the opportunity to be followed individually by the teacher allowing everyone to take the floor and actively participate in the conversation.
  • During each meeting the conversation will be moderated by the teacher and participants will speak exclusively in the foreign language in order to practise understanding throughout the lesson and be encouraged to think and express themselves in the foreign language.


  • The course consists of a cycle of 5 lessons that will take place weekly.
  • The day and time of the course will be fixed according to the participants' needs.
  • Each lesson will last 60 minute.
  • The lessons will be organised in small groups (from 3 to 6 participants).
  • Mini-groups will be formed according to the participants' language level and in the case of English courses for teenagers also according to their age range.
  • Lesson will take place online (Skype).
  • The class will be video-recorded so that participants can review it later and, if necessary, take notes or write down any additional expressions.
  • All expressions will be noted down by the teacher during the lesson and made available to the students in a specific file.
  • In case of absence, the video recording of the lesson will be made available to the absent student.
  • All course material, including audio, will be provided at no extra cost, with the exception of any grammar or reading books that may be recommended by the teacher.
  • A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course.

  • 15% discount on your second summer conversation course (if you wish to practise two languages).
Teachers: English, French and Italian courses will be taught by Ylenia Marcucci Faure, an interpreter, translator and language teacher for over 15 years. Ylenia is fully bilingual in Italian and French (dual nationality), perfectly fluent in English and a good knowledge of German.
. The German courses will be taught by Daniela Carbini, an interpreter, translator and language teacher for over 15 years. Daniela has an excellent command of German and English.